How to purchase a Instrument Cluster replacement for your vehicle

George Theofanopoulos4/10/18

When looking for a replacement instrument cluster/speedometer for our vehicles, we sometimes ponder the thought of paying premium costs in getting an OEM dealer replacement from the dealership. Then the thought crosses our minds that we can always look into searching the internet to find used OEM auto parts.

Here at Blacktop Auto Parts we offer used top quality OEM instrument clusters with their mileage that end up saving you hundreds of dollars than going to the dealership for replacements.

There are times where you may not be able to get replacement from the dealer and we tend to offer rare/hard to find instrument clusters for older vehicles. We warranty all of our instrument clusters from date of delivery so you are receiving like-new condition product at a fraction of the cost.

GMC Envoy SpeedometerCheck your Vehicle Make, Model, and Year
It is very important that you do first check your make, model, and year vehicle that you own before purchasing an instrument cluster for your vehicle. The next step is to look at the engine and transmission options that your vehicle might have that impact the kind of instrument cluster you will need to replace.

Also take into consideration the various body type of your vehicle since depending on the body type, your instrument cluster may have a different set of features. You always want to make sure that you match the feature sets of your vehicles cluster to the ones listed in our listing for 100% compatibility.
We also try to provide 8-12 pictures per listing, this way you can view the condition and features of the instrument cluster before purchase.

Types of Instrument Cluster

  • MT (Manual Transmission) - If a vehicle has a manual transmission, make sure that in the title or item description that MT is listed. This is crucial since there are instances where clusters are only specific for manual transmissions. If we offer a MT instrument cluster, it will be marked in the title and item description.
  • AT (Automatic Transmission) - If your vehicle has a automatic transmission, make sure that you purchase a replacement cluster that is for an AT transmission.

Chevy Trailblazer SpeedometerMatching the Part No.
One of the most common mistakes that are made when you are looking for a replacement instrument cluster is not trying to match the part number of your instrument cluster with the new one that you are looking to purchase.

In our listings we provide several pictures of the part and serial numbers that are located on each cluster sold, unless for some reason they have been removed. We also make sure to add the part number in the item description for the listing.

Mileage/Custer Reprogramming
One of the key priorities for buyers is to make sure that they can match the mileage on the defective cluster with the replacement that they are looking to purchase. Here at GT Auto Parts it is our common practice and top priority to offer the mileage on the instrument cluster in the title and item description. We go even further to power on most of the clusters to show that the LED lights and gauges are working, and most importantly that we also show mileage on the cluster.

While some instrument clusters can keep the mileage on the cluster, there are also clusters where they keep the mileage on the ECU/ECM/EBX. The ECU/ECM/EBX is the brain of the vehicle which stores several different codes including the mileage. While you can at times just swap out the damaged cluster with one of our replacement clusters, it is critical that you also reach out to your mechanic or the local dealership to find out if you need your cluster and ECU reprogrammed to match the mileage for your vehicle.

We do not offer the service of cluster or ECU reprogramming and only provide the replacement cluster so it is important to verify with your mechanic/dealer if reprogramming is needed.

Instrument ClusterCondition of Instrument Cluster Prior to purchasing
We make it a priority to describe the condition of the Instrument Cluster that is listed in the listing description. Also our team cleans the cluster with professional solvent prior to picturing them. The cluster is ready to be installed without you needing to do any further cleaning.

We have 2 grade scales, "Excellent" and "Good".

  • Excellent - Instrument cluster is in mint condition with no imperfections. If there are any minor issues which the cluster that can still pass in excellent condition, we will mention those in the item description. 
  • Good - Instrument cluster that has some imperfections which we will mention the imperfections in the item description. 

If the lens on our replacement has any imperfections, we will make sure to note it in the item description. It is also very easy to replace the lens on 95% of clusters since they are mounted by clips, while some are actually glued on by the manufacturer making it more difficult to remove.

How to purchase an Instrument Cluster from Blacktop Auto Parts
If you feel uncertain about any features or have questions when selecting an instrument cluster from our inventory for purchase, feel free to contact us and we help you out.

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