How to purchase a Sun Visor replacement for your vehicle

George Theofanopoulos4/ 9/18
When looking for a replacement sun visor for our vehicles, we sometimes ponder the thought of paying premium costs in getting OEM dealer replacement sun visor(s) from the dealership. Then the thought crosses our minds that we can always look into aftermarket parts or search the internet to find used OEM parts. Here at Blacktop Auto Parts we offer used top quality OEM sun visors that end up saving you hundreds of dollars than going to the dealership for replacements. There are times where you may not be able to get replacements from the dealer and we tend to offer rare/hard to find sun visors. We warranty all of our sun visors from date of delivery so you are receiving like-new condition product at a fraction of the cost.

Nissan Versa SunvisorsCheck your Vehicle Make, Model, and Year
It is very important that you do first check your make, model, and year vehicle that you own before purchasing a sun visor for your vehicle. The next step is to look at the possible features that your vehicle sun visors might have that need replacement.

Also take into consideration the various body type of your vehicle since depending on the body type, your sun visor(s) may have a different set of features. You always want to make sure that you match the feature sets of your vehicles sun visors to the ones listed in our listing for 100% compatibility.
We also try to provide 8-12 pictures per listing, this way you can view the condition and features of the sun visor(s) before purchase.

Nissan Pathfinder SunvisorTypes of Sun Visors
  • Illuminated/Lighted Mirror(s) - These types of visors have a wire coming out from the top bracket mount which is powered and will light up the visor around the mirror. While there are some sun visors which are sold by Mercedes-Benz which have magnets in them and no wires that provide illumination to the mirror of the sun visor.
  • Non-Illuminated/Lighted Mirror(s) - These types of visors have no wiring to them or magnets in the mounting brackets for illumination.
  • No Mirror(s) - These type of sun visors do not have a mirror on them or illuminate. They are either all cloth, vinyl, or leather.
Sun Visor Colors
As important as it is to know the feature sets of your vehicle, knowing the color of the sun visor(s) that you are trying to replace is key. Here at GT Auto Parts we mark the color of each sun visor listing in the title and description.
Once you determine the color of your sun visor(s), the next step is to determine if you have cloth, leather, or vinyl material. We will place in our description if the sun visor is cloth, leather, or vinyl.

BMW Sun visorFeatures of Sun Visors
  • Home Link - This is a premium feature that allows you to open your garage via buttons built into the sun visor.
  • Sliding Shade - This is another premium feature that slides out to block out the sun, especially in spots where you can have a blind spot.
  • Extended Shade - These type of shades are what you find in the image where they are extend the shade below the sun visor instead of the traditional sliding shade from left to right.
  • Extended Arm - The mounting arm extends on the sun visor to allow you to get more shade in those areas where the sun might creep through.
Condition of Sun Visor(s) Prior to purchasing
We make it a priority to describe the condition of the sun visor(s) that are listed in the listing description. Also our team cleans the sun visor(s) with professional solvent prior to picturing them. The sun visor(s) are ready to be installed.
We also try to provide the original mounting clips for all of our sun visors, where a lot of other online sellers do not. If the mounting clips are not included, we will make sure to not that in the description.

We have 2 grade scales, "Excellent" and "Good".
  • Excellent - Sun Visor(s) that are in mint condition with no imperfections. If there are any minor issues which the sun visor(s) can still pass in excellent condition, we will mention those in the item description.
  • Good - Sun Visor(s) that have some imperfections which we will mention the imperfections in the item description.

If you feel uncertain about any features or have questions when selecting a sun visor(s) from our inventory for purchase, feel free to contact us and we help you out.

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