How to purchase the proper Climate Control for your vehicle!!!!

George Theofanopoulos4/11/18

Air conditioning is an important feature in almost all modern cars, but climate control is often only available in high spec vehicles. While most cars already have climate control units, some car owners may still have the need to buy their own in-dash climate control unit. Therefore, they should know how to choose the right climate control unit for their vehicles.

Compared to regular air conditioners, climate control units are able to regulate the temperature in a car, and not only cool it down. This is very useful for anyone living or traveling in areas experiencing both hot and cold weather. Knowing the features of an in-dash climate control unit can help buyers make an informed decision when looking for such system to install in their vehicles.

Why Buy a Climate Control Unit?

Before deciding to buy an in-dash climate control unit, buyers should consider if they really need one. Buyers looking to replace their old control unit because of malfunction should check to be sure that the control panel itself is faulty. Sometimes, the climate control system may not work properly because of faulty sensors, compressors, or other parts. Therefore, buyers should always check the condition of other car components before replacing the central climate control unit.

Buying the Right In-Dash Climate Control Unit

A climate control system is a sophisticated system as it has to monitor the interior temperature of a car and regulate it according to the user's preferences. Compared to regular car air conditioners, climate control systems do much more. Therefore, new buyers should put enough thought into the kind of climate control unit they want to get. On the other hand, car owners who only need to replace their old climate control units should find it easy to shop for a new one.

Features to Look At

A good idea when shopping for in-dash climate control units is to look at the features available on different units. While most car climate control units have the same standard features, buyers can find some with more interesting features than other units. Knowing the main features of an in-dash climate control unit should help buyers make an informed decision.

Automatic and Manual Modes

An important function to have on an in-dash climate control unit is the ability to switch between automatic and manual modes. In auto mode, users only need to set their preferred cabin temperature, and the system will automatically adjust the air temperature, fan speed, and vent location. In manual mode, users control the temperature, fan speed, and from which vent the air comes from. Another mode that some control units have is the semi-automatic mode. In this mode, users can set the desired cabin temperature and fan speed, while the on-board system takes care of the rest.

Windshield Defroster or Demister

This is a useful feature to have for anyone who drives in locations that experience very cold winters. As the name suggests, a windshield defroster or demister enables the climate control system to heat up the windshield and defrost or demist it. While not many users may need this feature, it can come in handy sometimes. Furthermore, most systems already have this function built in. Besides being useful in the winter, car owners can use this function whenever their windshield becomes misty. Buyers should also make sure their climate control system is connected to the rear window to ensure that they can demist or defrost that window as well.

Energy Efficient Climate Control

Many modern climate control units have built-in processors designed to reduce the energy consumption of the control system. Having this feature on a control panel is definitely a good idea since buyers can save energy and fuel when they use their climate control unit. Some units can also calculate the temperature of the car more efficiently than other units and actively regulate the cabin temperature. This allows the system to provide just enough heating or cooling for the cabin, and as a result, be more efficient.

Other Features of an In-Dash Climate Control Unit

Some climate control units have other interesting features including being able to adjust separate fans, and separately adjust the temperatures for the driver and passenger. By being able to adjust the speed of separate fans, users can control the amount of airflow at different sides of the car. Another feature is the seat, armrest, and steering wheel heating function. With this function, buyers can improve the comfort of everyone traveling in their cars. However, to acquire this feature, buyers may have to install separate heating surfaces for their car seats, armrests, and steering wheels.

Proper Usage of an In-Dash Climate Control System

For a climate control system to function well and last long, it needs to be used and maintained properly. During cold months, when air conditioning is not required, users should switch on the compressor for a few minutes at least once a week. This can prevent the compressor from being idle for too long and malfunctioning.

Also, since the compressor causes the engine to consume a lot of fuel, users should turn it off whenever they do not need it. By turning off the compressor, users can also notice an increase in their cars' performance when they drive. Lastly, users should refrain from hitting the buttons on their control units too often, as the buttons can become damaged.

How to Buy an In-Dash Climate Control Unit on Blacktop Auto Parts

When shopping on Blacktop Auto Parts, you can find an array of in-dash climate control units. To search for the right one for your car, type a relevant keyword into our search bar on any page of the website. You can use any suitable search term including 'Nissan climate control unit' and 'in-dash climate control unit'.

When looking at the various available climate control units, be sure to read their descriptions and prices. By doing so, you can be sure to stay within your budget and pick the right item. To know more about an item and look at all the features it has, select it and read all the provided information. No matter what kind of in-dash climate control unit you are looking for, remember to compare your options and read the available details.

Being more sophisticated than regular air conditioners, climate control systems can be very helpful especially during cold weather. For users to control their systems properly, they need to have functional and properly maintained in-dash climate control units. With a good control unit in the car, users can be sure they are always comfortable when they drive. However, there may be times when car owners need to replace their control units with new ones.

To buy the right in-dash climate control unit, car owners should first have a budget. Then, they can start looking at suitable products. Features to look out for include auto, manual, and semi-auto modes, as well as windshield defrosting or demisting. Regardless of the type of in-dash climate control unit they are looking for, buyers can look on Blacktop Auto Parts for the right one for their needs.